What is the Japanese Culinary Academy Certification?

The Japanese Culinary Academy Certification was established by the Japanese Culinary Academy Certification Association with the aim of promoting Japanese cuisine internationally and passing it on to the next generation. The certification test evaluates Japanese culinary proficiency in terms of both knowledge and skill, and certifies those who have passed as possessing competency in Japanese culinary techniques.

Until recently, Japanese culinary techniques have typically been described in vague terms.
However, Japanese cuisine has become popular all around the world, with more than 110,000 Japanese restaurants outside Japan. As such, it has become necessary to convey these techniques correctly in a manner that is easy to understand and fairly evaluate the skills and knowledge obtained by culinary professionals. The Japanese Culinary Academy Certification is intended to disseminate proper skills and knowledge of Japanese cuisine, regardless of race or gender, nationality or specialty in cuisine, both in Japan and abroad, in order to certify people from diverse backgrounds.

Certification will be divided broadly into two categories: Fundamental Certification and Practical Certification.
Fundamental Certification will cover fundamental knowledge of Japanese cuisine and culture, while Practical Certification will cover not only knowledge, but practical skill topics such as dashi and cutting techniques.
Following the launch of the Fundamental Certification in Japanese and English, preparations will be made to conduct the test for Practical Certification.

Japanese Culinary Academy Certification Association
Representative Director: Yoshihiro Murata

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