Sharing traditional Japanese culinary culture with the world

The Japanese Culinary Academy is a non-profit organization that was founded to promote culinary exchanges between chefs around the world, as well as culinary education rooted in the community.z

What is the Japanese Culinary Academy Certification?

The Japanese Culinary Academy Certification was established by the Japanese Culinary Academy Certification Association with the aim of promoting Japanese cuisine internationally and passing it on to the next generation. The certification test evaluates Japanese culinary proficiency in terms of both knowledge and skill, and certifies those who have passed as possessing competency in Japanese culinary techniques.

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Fundamental Certification covers fundamental background knowledge

The Japanese Culinary Academy Certification Association established the Japanese Culinary Academy Certification's Fundamental Certification in spring 2019.
Problems on the test are based on the content of "Introduction to Japanese Cuisine: Nature, History, and Culture," from the book series "The Japanese Culinary Academy's Complete Japanese Cuisine."

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